Do you know that feeling when you want to access IMM web interface, but you end up entering wrong password over and over again? The feel of anger which fills you up, moment when you want to go and put that server to rest? Well, that moment had happened to me this morning. I was Read More →

Recently, I started to experience this issue on a vast amount of servers in our domain environment. We have set Audit Policies so that user or system activity in specified event categories is recorded. This is how our audit policy looks like: We have created a plan before we implemented audit policy, and ran the Read More →

Hello again. Today, I have had a task to check the status of a service on all my servers. Since I didn´t have much time, I decided to make a quick and ugly script to check the status of the service. So lets start. First, we need to get all our computer names and put Read More →

PsExec – Remotely Connect and Logoff a User So, as the title says, sometimes when you have two users already connected remotely to a server, you need to disconnect someone, or to log him off or something… Well, you contact that person and ask politely to logoff by him\herself, and they don´t want to do Read More →

Hello everyone. Today I am going to write a little bit about this amazing set of tools from Microsoft contained in Windows ADK (Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit). You can use this tool to customize, assess, and deploy Windows Operating Systems to new computers. I will not explain how to install Windows ADK, but instead Read More →